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Aimin Jiang
Aiying Zhou Astronomer/Professor
 My research field is stellar physics. Since 1996 I have been working in the field of photometry of pulsating variable stars of various types such as delta Scuti, SX Phoenicis, gammar Doradus, Subdwarf B, white dwarf, etc. In collaborating with several observational astrophysicists and groups from Spain, France, America etc., I have done a lots of photometry campaigns for the purpose of applying asteroseismic tools to probe the interior of stars.  I even played a crucial role in detecting a Neptune-like extra-solar planet, which is identified through gravitational micro-lensing technique for the first time in the world. My interests actually are extended to be the observational studies of various kinds of short-time scale variability in stars.  As of the end of year 2008, I have published 79 papers in international journals including MNRAS, AJ, A&A etc., of which 17 ‘SCI- papers’ were written by me as the first author, three of them are excellent papers recognized by our institute. My publication has been cited by other authors for more than 530 times, and the citation ‘SCI-papers’  without me in authors list amounted to 189 by that time. Several works were cited by the famous annual review, Astrophysics in 1999, 2000 & 2004, PASP.  In 2008, I was assigned to be the vice chief of the National Astronomical Observatories – Guizhou University Center for Astronomy, and began to take an accociate position in the National Big Science Project FAST’s administration office.
Ali Luo Professor
Astronomical Data proess, Spectral Analysis, Data mining, Astronomical software development
Baolin Tan Professor

Solar radio astronomy: physics of solar radio spectral fine structures, solar small-scale bursts and the related turbulence, precursors of solar flares, particle accelerations

Plasma astrophysicsSolar and stellar coronal heating mechanism, triggering mechanism of astro-plasma instabilities and energy release processes, physics of multi-timescale solar cycles
Bin Yue Professor


21cm signal

first stars/first galaxies
Bo Peng Astronomer/Professor
Radio sky survey, Radio transient phenomena, Giant radio galaxies, Siting radio telescopes, and R&D on large radio telescopes, esp. SKA and  FAST.
Bo Qin
Boqin Zhu
Caihong Sun
Chang Lv
Changjun Gao Professor


General Relativity

Modified Gravity
Chengjin Jin Professor Radio Astronomical Instrumentations: receiver design/testing/commissioning, digital signal processing
Chengmin Zhang Professor
Pulsar astrophysics, X-ray neutron star in binary system, ISM and radio pulsar scintillation, kHz QPOs of LMXBs, General relativity
Chenzhou Cui Professor

Astro-Informatics, Virtual Observatory, Data-Driven Education and Public Outreach, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Grid Technology, Astronomical Databases, Astronomical Data Center, Data Processing and Analysis, Galactic Structure and Evolution, Stellar Abundance
Chunlai Li Professor