Xuelei Chen

Academic title
Mailing Address
A429, National Astronomical Observatories, 20A Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China , 100101

Education and Career History
1987-1991 undergradute, Department of Physics, Fudan University
1991-1994 graduate student, Department of Physics, Peking University
1994-1999 graduate student, Department of Physics, Columbia University
1999-2001 postdoc, Department of Physics, Ohio State University
2001-2004 postdoc, KITP, UC Santa Barbara
2004- present  Professor, National Astronomical Observatory
2006-present  PI of cosmic dark matter and dark energy group, NAOC
2009-present  Deputy Director of galaxies and cosmology division, NAOC
Research Fields
Large scale structure, cosmic microwave background, formation of first objects and reionization.

Selected Publication
The 21cm signature of the first stars X. Chen and J. Miralda-Escude, 2008, ApJ684, 18 (arxiv:astro-ph/0605439)
Contraints on radiative dark-matter decay from the cosmic microwave background L. Zhang, X. Chen, M. Kamionkowski, Z. Si, Z. Zheng, 2007, PRD76, 061301(arxiv:0704.2444)
Forecasting the Dark Energy Measurement with Baryon Acoustic Oscillations: Prospects for the LAMOST surveys  X. Wang, X. Chen, Z. Zheng, F. Wu, P. Zhang, Y. Zhao, 2009, MNRAS394, 1775 (arxiv:0809.3002)
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